Tagua Nut Thin elastic Bracelet - Mixed Colours

Tagua Nut Thin elastic Bracelet - Mixed Colours

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Grown in the rainforests of Ecuador but hand finished in Kent.

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Natural, handmade Jewellery.

Did you know?

- Last century, until the breakthrough of the plastics, Tagua was widely used for making buttons even for U.S. Army uniforms.
- Tagua is also known as vegetable ivory, is a seed that comes from the palm tree, that only grows in the tropical rainforests of the South American Pacific coasts.

Did you know Tagua is edible?

Yes, the nuts are edible (before being processed for jewellery). They are usually eaten before becoming completely mature while they are still soft, or in a liquid state

All the bracelets will be packaged carefully and a dust bag will be included with every bracelet!

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