About Us

Allison, owner of VV worthy, Handmade and Personalised Gifts
Hola everyone!

I’m Allison and owner of VV Worthy. I’ve always loved creating or designing personalised items from scrapbooking to personal cards and gifts for loved ones.

2020 Lockdown reminded me of that love and I want your loved ones to receive the same kind of love I would give to my family and friends. That's why I have created a business which sells personalised and handmade gifts! Since Lockdown 1.0 my dear family have helped me grow this small business to what it is.. so a special thanks to the below people!
- Mum (Mami) - Helping me pack orders and creating the beautiful handmade resin bookmarks, one of just many personalised gifts I sell
- Dad (Papi) - My personal postman, without him you will not be receiving any post!
- My other half Paul - The reason you are currently reading this on V V Worthy website
- My Brother & Sister - Supportive all the time with your memes and banter

Every parcel/envelope is packaged with love and care and a personalised touch.

If you have a gift idea that I could help with, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Allison x